RDP Flies Flag for Wales in Japan

Dr Kerry Beynon, Partner at leading regional law firm RDP Law, is set to attend a top Cyber Security event in Tokyo on 27th February 2019.

The ‘Cyber Security Forefront in Wales, UK’ event is supported by the Welsh Government and aims to position Wales as the centre for cyber security study and practice globally. Dr Beynon, who was invited to speak at the event, will talk alongside fellow industry professionals on topics such as GDPR and Cyber Security.

Dr Beynon, speaks nationally and internationally on data protection and cyber security and is often invited to join international trade missions. She heads RDP’s new “Data Defence” service. This offers advice to clients on issues including information security, data protection, intellectual property, GDPR and cyber security.

Dr Beynon said “I’m delighted to be attending this very prestigious event alongside industry experts Wolfberry Cyber Security and Pervade Software to discuss the established expertise we have in Wales and to meet colleagues in Japan with a view to fostering closer collaboration between our two nations”.

John Davies, CEO at Pervade agreed and said “Wales has shared a special relationship with Japanese companies such as Sony, Panasonic, Toyota and Matsui for over 40 years. As the global cyber threat increases the two nations are collaborating again with Cyber Wales partnering with the Cluster for Security Professionals in Tokyo and Pervade are looking forward to working with partner companies in Japan on their new OpIndex dark web intelligence gathering platform.”