RDP announces new working policy

Leading regional legal practice RDP has announced a new policy of flexi working amongst its staff. The policy will see traditional nine to five thirty working hours within the firm ended, with fee earners being able to work both remotely and flexibly.

Director James Davies said “We genuinely feel that the concept of traditional working hours is outdated in the modern workplace. Teams that work well together and that are properly supported and enhanced by IT should be able to embrace flexibility that results in a far better work / life balance. Who wants to sit in commuting traffic for three hours a day and what employer would consider that acceptable if it could be avoided?”

The new regime will see fee earners required to work a core number of hours in any given day but to do so at times and in locations of their choosing.

The new policy is being implemented along with a substantial expansion of the firm’s IT and case management software, which will facilitate that change.

This represents a further step forward for the firm, which saw itself included within The Legal 500 last year and which has seen a substantial increase in its turnover in recent years.