As COP26 takes place in Glasgow with world leaders coming together to discuss how our nations can reduce the impact of climate change, Hannah Curtis, in our Family Team, looks at how we can make the provision of legal services to you environmentally friendly.

1. Electronic Documents

Whether you’re buying or selling your house, involved in a complex commercial dispute or in the process of divorce, the likelihood is that you will need to send us some documents. Particularly in divorce cases, where we are required to deal with the party’s financial disclosure, the number of documents can be significant. We can arrange for you to send us these documents electronically, using our easy-to-use platform, cutting down on the paper we use, store and eventually destroy.

2. Utilising Technology

We now have the systems in place to be able to connect with you to provide our bespoke legal services, wherever you are, without the need for you (or any other party involved in a matter) to jump into your cars, on the train or in a taxi to visit our offices. Our video conferencing facilities offer you the flexibility and access you need, without adding to your carbon footprint.

3. Electronic Filing of Documents to Court

The COVID-19 pandemic has really accelerated the use of ‘E-Filing’ with the court, meaning documents do not have to be printed, signed and posted to the Court in most cases. Whether we are issuing claims, starting financial remedy matters or applying to the court for certain orders, including Child Arrangement Orders, this can save time and of course, paper.

4. Moving Forward

Whether you’ve just bought a new home, or you’ve reached a financial settlement over your existing family home, there are ways you can continue to be environmentally friendly. COP26 encourages us to go #OneStepGreener and take actions that have a positive impact on our environment. More information can be found at HOME – UN Climate Change Conference (COP26) at the SEC – Glasgow 2021 (

It really is important, now more than ever, that we all do our part and we will continue doing so, with you, at RDP.