RDP started as a boutique commercial firm offering advice to rural clients and the firm has remained close to its roots. The real estate team specialise, along with development and investment work, in all aspects of rural real estate law.

Work areas include:

  • Easements, rights and profit a prendres.
  • Acquisition and disposal of fisheries, forests, shoots and mining / mineral interests.
  • Renewable energy projects, including solar, wind, hydro, biomass and tidal.
  • The firm also advises landed estates and large landowners on all elements of estate management. This often crosses over into the work carried out by the development and investment team but also includes advice on tenancies, sales of land, diversification of portfolios and alternative income streams.

Experience includes:

  • Acting on complex energy renewal schemes, often across multiple land holdings.
  • Advising on the structuring and sale of estate assets, such as farms and cottages.
  • Advice on the sale of and purchase of quarries, the protection of mineral, rights and enforcement of mineral rights.
  • Sale and purchase of fisheries and forestry.

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