Financial matters on divorce

Dealing with your finances is a crucial step when your marriage or civil partnership is coming to an end.You may need to unpick and protect substantial finances, property and assets to be able to move forward.

Financial Matters on Divorce can be dealt with either by agreement, or directed by the court after hearing evidence. It is the financial aspect of your separation, including business interests, inheritance and complex income structures like trusts; the purpose is to meet your financial needs after divorce and achieve equality in sharing your matrimonial assets.

Getting legal advice doesn’t have to signal being litigious or confrontational. Expert legal advice can often simplify the process or help you decide what your goals are. Knowing you can mediate or deal with a dispute through negotiation, as well as knowing that the court is there if you need it, can open up discussions quickly.

The advice of your financial settlement should include:

  • Properties (including the family home)
  • Savings and investments
  • Pensions
  • Income and maintenance
  • Support for a child, including school fees
  • Trusts and inherited wealth,
  • Business interests, including farm, land and potential developments

Our expertise in high net worth and complex assets is standout; we have secured settlements in challenging matters involving;

  • Multi-million pound matrimonial property portfolios
  • Business interests including with an impending buy-out
  • Obtaining maintenance of £20,000 per month
  • Defending maintenance where claims were excessive
  • International shareholdings and directorships
  • Ultra-high net worth trust structures, and
  • Third party claims within matrimonial proceedings

What is the process?