Alternatives to court

The RDP Family Team know that a court application can be, for many, a solution of last resort.

We can help separating couples avoid court by finding solutions through alternatives such as;

Round table meetings

Working things out through in face-to-face meetings in the same room with the support of family lawyers, and other professionals such as accountants or financial advisers where needed, can iron out many disagreements.


Mediation is an alternative to litigation and is a process whereby you and your spouse or civil partner meet with a trained independent third-party mediator. The mediator would facilitate discussions between you to encourage you to reach agreement about whatever issues you wish to discuss, such as in relation to finances, or children matters or both.

However mediation is not an alternative to legal advice, so if you have reached a financial agreement in principle, then getting legal advice to formalise the terms and drafting an Order for submission and approval by the Court will make the financial agreement legally binding.

Need help finding the right person? Our connections to experts, who are experienced in high value assets and complex business or trust structures, means you are in safe hands.

What is ‘Resolution; First for Families’?

Partner and Head of Family, Marjha Golding-Evans, is a member of Resolution; this is an approach to constructively address family issues in a respectful way.

You can find out more here about Resolution’s Code of Practice, see Marjha’s Resolution profile here and her lobbying for No-fault divorce.