Did you know July is Scams Awareness Month?

To reduce your risk of becoming a victim of property fraud, you can:
  • Sign up to the Land Registry’s free property alert service – the Land Registry will then notify you by email when certain applications affect your property, such as a new mortgage or change of ownership. To sign up visit: www.gov.uk/property-alert
  • Ensure your property is registered at the Land Registry – if your property is unregistered, consider voluntary registration of your title deeds. If your property is registered you can be compensated if you are a victim of fraud and suffer financial loss
  • Keep your land registry contact details up to date – this can include an email address and an address abroad. If your contact details are not up to date you may not receive correspondence relating to your property.
  • Apply to enter a restriction against the title to your property –by entering a restriction you can stop your property being transferred or mortgaged, unless a conveyancer or solicitor certifies that the application was made by you.