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  • Conflict is an inevitable part of life. Whether with friends, family, work colleagues or people with whom you do business, sooner or later the potential exists for fallings out.

Our approach is based around finding a solution that is cost-effective, speedy and acceptable.

Our lawyers are experts at not just battling conflicts for clients but at settling them across a wide spectrum including debt, employment, family and commercial.

We are known to bring a clever, pragmatic approach to problem-solving. Our focus is always on the best outcome for you.

Services include:

Arbitration and mediation

Employment matters

- Redundancy, settlement agreements, disciplinary proceedings and tribunal representation

Property issues

- Landlord and tenant, boundary disputes

Contract disputes

- Breaches of contract

Debt recovery

- Recovering money you're owed

Defamation and protection of reputation

- Slander, libel, and negative comments on social media

Enforcement actions

- Enforcing judgments, tracing assets and debtors

Professional negligence

- Claims against accountants, solicitors, surveyors/valuers, etc.

Probate, will and inheritance disputes

- Challenging a will, removing an executor, claiming from an estate

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