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Commercial Litigation

Every business and organisation will occasionally find itself involved in disputes with suppliers, customers or professional advisers. We can help you achieve a swift, satisfactory and commercially sensible outcome to your dispute.

All businesses and organisations will occasionally find themselves involved in disputes with their suppliers, customers or professional advisers. Our Litigation and Dispute Resolution department deals with a wide range of disputes. Our approach is commercial as well as legal: we balance the potential recovery in a claim against the costs of pursuing it, and the cost and risks of defending a claim against the strength of the defence.

We have considerable experience of High Court and County Court claims, but are also proponents of mediation, arbitration and other forms of alternative dispute resolution, which provide a cheaper and more certain alternative to court action.

We can advise and represent you in the following areas:

    Company, shareholder and partnership disputes

    • Unfairly prejudicial conduct against minority shareholders
    • Removal of directors/partners
    • Directors/partners acting in breach of duties

    Download our Legal Briefing on director, shareholder and partner disputes.

    Breach of restrictive covenants and breach of confidence

    • Breach by current or former employees of non-competition and non-solicitation clauses
    • Former employees seeking to recruit current employees (in breach of non-dealing clauses)
    • Use of confidential information obtained during course of employment

    Debt recovery

    • Recovering debts and defending claims
    • Enforcing judgments
    • Charging orders and orders for sale
    • Statutory demands and bankruptcy

    Download our Legal Briefing on debt recovery, bankruptcy and insolvency.

    Defamation, intellectual property/copyright and brand protection

    • Slander and libel, and reputation management
    • Protecting copyright and trademarks

    Download our Legal Briefing on reputation management and negative social media

    Download our Legal Briefing on brand protection, trademark and copyright disputes

    Property disputes

    • Possession claims
    • Residential and commercial property
    • Landlord and tenant disputes

    Latest news:

    On the line - boundary disputes

    Council liable to compensate property owner for emergency closure of commercial premises

    Landlord not liable for injury caused by property defect

    Wills, probate and inheritance disputes

    • Rectification and validity of wills
    • Acting for claimants and executors/administrators in claims for financial provision from an estate (under the Inheritance (Provision for Family and Dependants) Act 1975)
    • Removal of executors/administrators and trustees
    • Trust disputes

    Download our Legal Briefing on how to challenge a will and on claims for 'financial provision' from an estate

    Latest news:

    Claiming your fair share from an estate

    Suspicious wills, and how to challenge them

    'Last will and testament' - but not the last word

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    Case Studies

    Unauthorised use of logo

    When a client noticed that its distinctive logo was being used (with very slight changes) by a competitor business on its website, it was concerned about the clear threat to its customer base and possible reputational damage. Its customers were buying services from the competitor thinking that it was the client. We sent a robust letter of claim demanding that the logo be changed and written confirmation given that it would not be used again. It was changed within 24 hours of the letter being sent. In light of the quick response, the client decided not to pursue a claim for damages.

    Damage to property

    A client owned a large, historic building open to the public which was damaged when vandals set off fire extinguishers: the clean-up costs amounted to hundreds of thousands of pounds. Although the vandals (local teenagers) were convicted of criminal damage, the client decided not to pursue a claim against them, not least because of their lack of funds. We investigated the nature of the fire extinguishers, and found that they were unsuitable for historic buildings because of the corrosive nature of the contents. We brought a claim against the suppliers, in which the client was successful at trial, with damages awarded on the basis that the damage to the building would not have been so great (or costly) if appropriate fire extinguishers had been supplied.


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